6331/7321/7341/7381 Deep-Well Compact Baths


6331/7321/7341/7381 Deep-Well Compact Baths

Ample immersion depth and great stability, in a high value compact bath

1. 457 mm (18 in) of depth with just 15.9 liters (4.2 gal) of fluid
2. Perfect for liquid-in-glass thermometers with optional LIG kit
3. Fast, quiet, compact (yet deep!), and economical

Find high temperature baths (300 °C) and refrigerated baths for low temperature calibration (–80 °C), in compact packages, and with deep immersion from Fluke Calibration our metrology baths are well known world-wide for excellent temperature control that maintains excellent temperature stability (±0.005 °C) and uniformity (±0.007 °C).

PDF Download :

  1. 6331 User Guide
  2. 7321 User Guide
  3. 7341 User Guide
  4. 7381 User Guide
  5. CE Declaration of Conformity