Extech CL203: ExTabTM Reagent tablets (10pk – 100 tests)

CL203 Chlorine Reagent Tablets

Reagent tablets for use with ExStik® Chlorine Meter

Instructions for use
1. Fill a sample cup with exactly 20ml of the test solution (up to the mark on the cup).
2. Drop one (1) ExTab® reagent tablet into sample cup. Do not handle the reagent tablet with fingers.
3. Let tablet soften for 10 seconds then shake for 20 seconds (or until tablet is dissolved).
4. Firmly wipe the electrode tip with a dry paper towel to remove any compounds that may have formed.
5. Turn the CL200 on and immediately immerse in the solution.
6. Swirl in solution for 15 seconds.
7. The display will flash as long as the readings are changing rapidly. Read the total chlorine content when
the display “holds” the reading.
8. Do not turn the ExStik® off while in the solution
9. Remove the CL200 from the sample solution and rinse the electrode with de-ionized water.
10.Wipe off the electrode with a paper towel and turn it off.
11.Replace protective cap.
See the meter’s User Manual for more information.
This accessory is compatible with: CL200 ExStik® Chlorine Meter Version 1.0 – February 2005

PDF Download : CL203 Chlorine Reagent Tablets (User’s Manual)