Cadex C7000 C-Series Battery Analyzers

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The Cadex C7000 Series battery analyzers offers a platform that fulfills virtually all battery testing and conditioning needs. With features such as QuickSort™ to check lithium-ion batteries in 30 seconds and Boost for reviving dead packs, the C7000 truly masters battery testing. Slide a battery into one of 1000 configured Battery Adapters or use a Universal Adapter and you will discover why the C7000 is so simple to operate. Enhance the system with BatteryShop ™ software, capture test data and view graphical real-time results on your PC monitor. Combine all this with a competitive price and it becomes clear why the Cadex C7000 Series has become the world’s leading battery analyzer.

PDF File : Cadex C7000 Series battery analyzers

Manual : User’s Manual